Senior Spotlight: Look outside your own world |

Senior Spotlight: Look outside your own world

Mary Jo Brown/For the Craig Daily Press
Mary Jo Brown

As I was looking out the window after the refreshing rain we had recently, I noticed the crows came in to take advantage of the easy access to the angle worms that had come up to avoid the water-soaked ground. First one crow, then another, and it seems all were after the same worm, as they scurried around fussing with one another. A large green lawn with lots of worms, and yet they were all in one spot focused on getting the best of one another.

The scene reminded me of how people act when there is an event offering great deals, or something is free, and the rush is on. The fighting among the birds resembled the advertisement I once saw where there is a clothing sale and ladies were pressed up against the door, waiting to be first to get in. The doors open — and look out! The rush is terrific and somewhat humorous if you are not part of the crowd that was waiting to get in. The abandonment of manners is in full force, and any semblance of niceness flies out the window. It now becomes all about “me first,” and age doesn’t make any difference because there is no longer such a thing as protocol or respect, and, unfortunately, it seems like society in general is becoming more like that.

You still can see those who help others without an ulterior motive but it is not as common as it used to be. I like to think there are those who follow Jesus and his teaching of whoever helps the least of his brothers is helping him. Look around, and there is usually someone you can help just by being there and making the offering. The knowledge that someone cares enough to do that is often enough for some. If, for some reason, you can’t help them, maybe you will know someone who can.

The whole idea is to let it be known that they are not alone. Not only will that person feel better, so too will you in offering to help them. We need to look outside our own little world and give when there is an opportunity to do so.

Reading Saturday’s paper, I was glad to see Relay For Life on the front page. That is one of the events I try to encourage people to participate in. As a survivor, I can identify with those struggling or have survived the struggle with cancer, and as a caregiver for family members who have survived or lost the struggle, I also know that side of it. It is great to see the determination and support of those who participated in the relay. Hopefully next year will have an even better turnout and be a huge success, as well.

The residents of Sandrock Ridge Care & Rehab enjoyed listening to the musical talents of Bob Laford on Saturday as he played guitar and sang songs requested by those in attendance.

Happy birthday wishes go out to Maxine Delong, Donna Morris, Leon Walker, Frances Wright and Sofia Rodriguez.

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