Senior Spotlight: Gray days and sad news |

Senior Spotlight: Gray days and sad news

Mary Jo Brown/For the Craig Daily Press
Mary Jo Brown

When I got up Dec. 19 and opened my bedroom drapes, I thought, “What a gray-looking day.” Little did I know how gray it would get. My daughter usually comes by to visit after work, but on this day, she called me to say that she wouldn’t be over because my great-granddaughter’s boyfriend had died in an accident that afternoon.

I had never met Tory personally but felt that I had gotten to know him somewhat by hearing a lot about him from my great-granddaughter and having had the pleasure of holding their little boy, my great-great-grandson, Caemden. The loss of this young man and the type of accident he was involved in brought back to my mind the loss of my granddaughter Stacie and her fatal accident many years ago. The accident was so similar in many ways: Both accidents involved a large truck coming the other direction; they were young, Tory, 17, and Stacie, 19; and both of them left behind small children. I knew this day was going to get a lot grayer as the memories resurfaced, and I faced getting through a day of sorrow and memories

Christmas cards and presents were dropped off by friends and family, and the “Christmas for Seniors” presents were delivered, but the gray still hung over my mood as I tried to get past the gloom I was under. Right now, especially, we were supposed to be in a “jolly” mood in anticipation of Christmas, but as usual, there was a lump of coal in the picture. Whatever the day is supposed to be like, nothing ever goes as I think it should, but I think that if life is a bowl of cherries, then we are expected to handle the pits that come with it. Asking for the strength to deal with whatever life has handed us and getting on with the day is the only way I know to get through it. A regret I have is that there is nothing more I can do to help my family and friends, especially when they experience a loss.

For now, I just want to say that we don’t have any guarantees on how long we have on Earth, so we need to do our best for family, friends and even ourselves. Speak kindly to others, don’t spread gossip or rumors and help others, even strangers. Who knows, we may be the ones needing a friendly shoulder to lean on when we experience a loss. When someone is gone, it’s too late to make amends or have regrets about what we should have done. The time is each day when an opportunity presents itself. Christmas was a good time to start getting good things going, but it shouldn’t stop there — it should go on throughout the year.

I hope you all had a good, if not a merry, Christmas and that the new year is a good one for you and your families.

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