Senior Spotlight for Sept. 19, 2012 |

Senior Spotlight for Sept. 19, 2012

My outlook on life used to be more free spirited. I lived more trusting in the ways people treated me, gave everyone the benefit of the doubt.

I like people, animals etc. Now I still like most animals.

People I have my doubts on some. I trusted to much at times, now I don’t.

I’ve had times when I thought someone was a person whom cared about being a friend, found out she just wasn’t, isn’t really anybody’s friend.

I like everybody – I just don’t like the way they do things. Granted I do things that people don’t like also.

But I treat people the same today as I will tomorrow, If they do likewise.

So have a very good whatever you want and God be with us all.

Happy Birthday to Larry Dillion, Anthony Zurito and Chuck Zimmerman.

Get Well, Speedy recovery to Ron, Moran, Celest Starling, Luis Herrera, Jim Cisar, Liz Brenton and Matilda Gallegos.

The Sunset Meadows I Friday Potluck is at noon.

Not sure about Bingo this Friday, but come see us anyways. We enjoy your company


Mary Jo Brown


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