Senior Spotlight for October 8, 2012 |

Senior Spotlight for October 8, 2012

Mary Jo Brown

Brr. Baby it’s cold outside— I’m hearing that refrain it’s cold outside more often.

One friend of mine said that is a true sign of autumn, when you need to add a light jacket or a sweater. Depending on what time a person goes out in the morning.

I enjoy the briskness of the breeze later in the day. Location also has a say in the way of things. I live on the North end of the apartment building. It stayed cool all summer, except for a couple of days. Now it is a lot cooler, and colder early in the morning, til the heat kicks in.

Everyone upstairs is either roasting or toasting at times. I know the heat rises up. Anyway enjoy the weather I always say. One season passes another.

Happy birthday to Diane Malone, Gen Schulz, Donna Whitecotton, Joan Zimmerman, Kathy Carlton, Velma Cole, Julia Balleck, Fran Daris, Walt Cisar and Ron Stoffle.

Get well soon— speedy recovery to Airouhan Van Grandt, Tisa Knibbs, Linda Sanoval, Bill McDonell, Mary Sue Herod and Liz Breton.

Sunset Meadows I Friday potluck at noon. Bingo 1 p.m. Friday at Sunset Meadows I. Come join us for either one or both.

News, birthdays, get wells, etc, of any age are welcome.

Thank you.

Mary Jo Brown


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