Senior Spotlight for October 29, 2012 |

Senior Spotlight for October 29, 2012

Mary Jo Brown

October soon to be another month of memories ending in a flurry of Halloween doings, maybe early Christmas shopping. I really enjoyed the softly falling snow last week.

However the neat time was a whizzer. Really brought back memories of white outs and drifts, all of the winters gone by. The seasons all offer a different picture of nature’s beauty.

The snow scenes were beautiful. Got my winter stuff out. Need to add one or two things looks like.

Happy Belated Birthday to Ashley Titus and also Happy Anniversary to Ashley and husband Brian.

Happy Birthday to Valene Van Tassel, Maria Keller, Phyllis Varela, Iris Balleck and Channelle Southard.

Speedy Recovery — Get Well Soon to Ramona Ingrams, Carol Braugh, Irene Moralez.

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Daylight Saving Time ends Nov. 4. I usually am late on my clock changing a few hours. I’m usually ok, though my bedside clock is changed.

Sunset Meadows I Friday noon potluck.

You all have a BOOtiful Halloween.

News, etc. welcome.


Mary Jo Brown