Senior Spotlight for Oct. 26, 2011 |

Senior Spotlight for Oct. 26, 2011

Mary Jo Brown

During this time of year, I feel like we, or rather some people, are in a hurry to rush through life so fast because Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas are all bunched up.

What happened to enjoying the excitement of thinking up a costume for Halloween, or finding stuff to make it more our own?

Thanksgiving is coming up. I'm hurrying to get ready to go somewhere, or expecting someone to come in.

I hope we don't go broke due to spending on the holidays.

Christmas is not about Christ much anymore. The real meaning of all of the holidays is lost in the hustle and bustle of it all.

Yes, we may get some fun enjoyment, but what I hear sometimes before is "I'll be glad when it's over, wish it would get here, etc."

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I don't know why merchants have to be so "me first" about things.

I have birthdays this week for Millie Bilsing, Harriet Decker and Connie Combs. Leether Redmon was 99 years young Saturday, Oct. 22.

I also have birthdays for Beverly Lovelady, Diane Cromer, Kathleen Calderon, Glen Schultz, Donna Whitecotton, Val Van Tassel, Verna Belcher, Maria Keller and Phyllis Varela.

Speedy recovery/get well to Phyllis Varela, Sharon Clark, Craig Tomke, Shirley Murphy and May McCollum.

The McDonald's senior breakfast is Wednesday.

The noon potluck is scheduled for Friday at Sunset Meadows I. Bingo follows.


Mary Jo Brown

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