Senior Spotlight for November 4, 2012 |

Senior Spotlight for November 4, 2012

Mary Jo Brown

The pumpkins are being replaced by trees to become Christmas trees, Thanksgiving is sacked in somewhere between. It’s not as festive (seems like to me) as it used to be. Some families are more not able to travel to get together due to the economy, health, weather.

Anyway, we can still I believe take a little time during the Thanksgiving time and give thanks to God for what we do have and also may God bless America. I always take time to pray every morning and night, thankful for making thru the day and night, regardless of how good or bad my day or night went.

Because I realized years ago there is always going to be someone better or worse off than I am. My life is not pink clouds, sunshine, roses.

My old friend Grumpus comes in more often than not, moody as heck. I usually jump on whoever comes in, usually my daughter Jane. After while I’ll say that’s enough of that and go on with the rest of my life. Yeah that’s enough of this.

Happy Birthday to all I miss this week, Toni Cole.

Get Well — Speedy Recovery to Leroy Lauton, Celeste Starlin and Jim Fullen.

Sunset Meadows I Friday noon Potluck. Bingo follows at 1 p.m. See ya there.

Need birthdays, anniversaries, etc. 824-2139.


Mary Jo Brown


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