Senior Spotlight for November 26, 2012 |

Senior Spotlight for November 26, 2012

Mary Jo Brown

Enjoyed the Parade of Lights. Thanks to all who took part in it. I’ve been in a few parades and the time that goes into getting ready to get the float, vehicle, etc. ready is something.

Weather is another factor. We got soaked one time. Had a ninety some year old friend on board. VFW float. Irene Eckart. She was terrific, enjoyed it and made us feel more able to bear with the rain all. Someone managed to get us an umbrella, but we were wet already so she and I passed it on to someone else.

Those were the days my friend, other parades, other memories, different groups, times, but all done, whether it’s night or day.

Happy Birthday to Mary Jane Lindley, Jeff Southard, Marybelle Gore.

Get Well Soon — Speedy Recovery to all i missed this month. My prayers are with you all.

Hope everyone had a very good Thanksgiving.

AARP meeting Monday, November 26 at Sunset Meadows I at 2 p.m.

McDonalds Senior Breakfast is Wednesday, November 28 at a.m.

Sunset Meadows I Friday Noon Potluck. Bingo may follow. See you there?

Birthdays, anniversaries, etc welcome. 824-2139.


Mary Jo Brown


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