Senior Spotlight for May 27 |

Senior Spotlight for May 27

Mary Jo Brown

The spring season is coming to an end, with summer looming in the near future. The gardens being planted resemble life in that we don’t know if they will grow strong, straight and full of promise with good things to eat, and life is about growing and not knowing what our future is going to bring. A lot depends on the care we get and give; right now, we need to nurture the garden by watering, weeding and so on.

Humans also need nurturing, love, forgiveness and care for the body, mind and soul. As we wait to see what summer brings, let us rejoice in the fact that we have a choice to grow up straight and tall with God’s help, or to go weedy by being lax and uncaring for self and others in the right way.

Happy birthday to Bob Gruff, Wayne Wagner and Marie Hardin.

A wish for speedy recovery and get well goes to Larry Keller, Avery Michaels, Blake Smith, Tillie Gallegos, Monica Cruz and Hannah Dove.

Don’t forget the noon potluck Friday at Sunset Meadows I. See you there, and bring a friend.

Mary Jo Brown


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