Senior Spotlight for March 30, 2013 |

Senior Spotlight for March 30, 2013

Mary Jo Brown

The March winds blew and snow fell, too. Now April will show us what it can do. April Fools Day on April 1 … let’s see, do we still make flannel pancakes, re-do gum wrappers to look like there’s gum in there and put salt in the sugar jars?

I don’t think so. Easter is really what we should be all about doing this time of year. Easter, new beginnings, forgiveness, new hope. As in the meaning behind Christmas, the meaning of Easter is not something that should be for only one day a year. It’s not about bunnies and dyed eggs; it’s about something deeper and more meaningful. The hope behind forgiveness and a chance to start anew.

Also, I have a question concerning bunnies and eggs. When exactly did bunnies start laying eggs? Why can’t the chicken deliver his own eggs? Actually bunnies, chicks and butterflies symbolize new birth or beginnings.

Not a new beginning, but a chance to renew friendships is the noon potluck lunch April 5 at Sunset Meadows 1.

Birthday wishes go out to Addisyn Miller, Randy Herman, Ricky Southard, Anglena Verman and Linda Herrera.

Get-well wishes to Jean Goldstein, George Palma, Della Baldwin, Morton Albert, Blake Smith, Dan Igleheart, Susan Przylski, Cody Clark and Elaine Pearce.

Hope to see you at potluck.

Mary Jo Brown


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