Senior Spotlight for July 9: Lightning storms |

Senior Spotlight for July 9: Lightning storms

The storm joined in the Fourth of July celebration belatedly, but it still offered an array of lightning lighting up the sky, booms accompanying the light like giant fireworks working together.

The rain falling had a song of its own as it tat-a-tatted on roofs, etc., making different noises.

The majestic beauty of it took away some of the scariness of the storm. Today will bring a new adventure, weatherwise.

Happy birthday to Iris Owens, Charlotte Granthan, Frances Chisholm and Kaley Goldstein.

Get well/speedy recovery to Elberta Cochran, Rose Razzo, Donna Hellyer, Doris Remos, Rose Gomez and Linda Sandoval.

The Sunset Meadows I potluck lunch is at noon Friday.

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Mary Jo Brown

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