Senior Spotlight for July 2: The heat of the sun and politicians |

Senior Spotlight for July 2: The heat of the sun and politicians

Mary Jo Brown

Between the heat of the sun, politicians, and the problems with the unfaithful trying to run the religious by trying to change the rules and regulations of matters that they shouldn't be messing with, I find myself between a rock and a hard place.

The heat of the sun is the easiest right now. I don't go out much anyway.

Politics are getting beyond the point of me not voting for most or any of them.

Religion, everyone has a right to worship as we please, or not. Leave that up to the individual churches.

I often feel like yelling at the so-called know-it-alls, don't like it, go somewhere else. Leave the churches alone.

Quit calling at night to try to get votes, for heavens sake. I answer the phone, thinking something may be wrong at one of my daughters, them needing help, etc.

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Waking people up like that is a big no-no in my book. Lots of votes lost there, especially the repeaters.

I apologize, but I needed to vent, or dump as I call it.

Happy birthday to Lisa Bimick and anyone else with a birthday this week.

Get well/speedy recovery to Dora Remos, Kathy Bassett, Della Baldwin, Lowell Klinglesmith and Richard Brenton.

No meal no bus service Wednesday, July 4, at Sunset Meadows due to the holiday.

Sunset Meadows I Friday potluck is at noon, see you there?

Mary Jo Brown

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