Senior Spotlight for Feb. 18, 2013 |

Senior Spotlight for Feb. 18, 2013

I remember when Valentine’s Day had sayings like “Do you carrot at all for me?” and “Bee my honeybee” and “I can’t bear it if you won’t be my Valentine.”

The carrot saying, of course, featured a bunny rabbit holding a carrot, the bee one had a bee buzzing around, and so on.

We would take some to school and there usually was a Valentine’s-decorated box to put them in. The teachers would read the name on the envelope to see who got the Valentine. I don’t know if they still do that, but Happy Valentine’s Day to all regardless.

Happy birthday to Jaceson Van Grandt, Doris Riemann, Laura Swanson, Mary Ann Harrington, Randy McFarland and Mary Jane Schwanke.

Get well and speedy recovery to Dee Phillips, Tony Grajeda, Mary Fresquez, Tillie Gallegos and Theresa Rendon.

There’s no meal and no bus today because of the Presidents Day holiday.

Mary Jo Brown


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