Senior Spotlight for December 24, 2012 |

Senior Spotlight for December 24, 2012

Mary Jo Brown

The Bells of Saint Mary are calling to the children of the sea. Is what I’m hearing being sung on my CD.

I wonder how many bells have to ring to remind people that December 25 is Christmas Day a very special church day, or should be a special point to think of Christ sometimes during the day for without him there wouldn’t be any Christmas. So you wouldn’t be getting or giving any presents, parties, etc. So what some of you say?

So I say please don’t leave Christ out of Christmas. Say a prayer or thank him for what you have. Might not be much but it’s better than nothing. Like one of the songs on other CD is I’m getting nuttin’ for Christmas, cause somebody snitched on me.

But hey way I see it where there’s life there’s hope and I’m still hoping for a better everything good for this world.

Christ be with you all have a very good Christmas.

Birthdays I have are Tony Gallegos, Michael John Serrano, Marilyn Marill, Sheryl Searcey, Terri Bennett, Henry Wilber and to all I missed this week.

Get well soon — speedy recovery to Theresa Herdon, Betty and Al Herrera, Patrick Phelan, Liz Brenton, Fred Carlson, Caleb Miller.

No Meal or bus service for Sunset Meadows I due to Christmas holiday. Office will be closed also.

Sunset Meadows I Friday noon potluck December 28. Bingo may follow.

Sunset Meadows I – no meal or bus service January 1 due to the New Years holiday.

Thank you for the lovely cards, etc.

News welcome. Have a cup of cheer.

Mary Jo Brown


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