Senior Spotlight for December 17, 2012 |

Senior Spotlight for December 17, 2012

Mary Jo Brown

Love thy neighbor, this past week was a very good example of that in carious ways, different parts of out nation, emotions were shown openly.

One thing I thought was why does it take some form of tragedy to bring people together in a way that prejudice is forgotten for a while and the true meaning of Christmas comes through, togetherness in spirit— in thought, word and/or deed.

Reality hits hard— forgiveness, remorse or whatever is there, most of the time is showing up but sometimes it’s easier to put it aside and go back to after me and you come first, unless you are part of the tragedy.

Keep Christ in Christmas. He is the Reason for the Season.

Birthdays I have John Fuhman, Ron Hall, Delilah Duarte and Helen Chamberlain. Happy belated birthdays to Trey Gallegos and Wendall Brown.

Get well soon — speedy recovery to Dave Cole, Beverly Bloch, all people on prayers lists be it physical or mental.

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Sunset Meadows I Friday noon Potluck. Bingo may follow.

No AARP meeting Monday, Dec. 24 due to the holiday.

No meal- no bus service Dec. 24-25 at Sunset Meadows I due to the Christmas holiday.

Thanks to the carolers who came to Sunset Meadows I.

news, etc. welcome.


Mary Jo Brown