Senior Spotlight for Dec. 2 |

Senior Spotlight for Dec. 2

Mary Jo Brown

There’s another thing included in the fitness program besides exercise. That is diet.

I am very conscious of mine. I watch what I eat at Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, birthdays, etc. Yep, tastes good, goes down real good, there’s lots of eating time. I’m usually the last one at the table. One more bit of something to even out the meal, then I can join in later with friends and say, “I changed my size, also.” Had to get some new tips, or whatever.

One thing that doesn’t change are birthdays, and I have some. Happy birthday to Joy Nylander, Jana Seiloff and anyone else I didn’t get for this week.

Get well: Speedy recovery to Rose Gomez, Alvinia Seick, Joan Bailey, Karen Prince, Landon Reggera, Jerry Teeter, John Jacobs and Diane Grubb.

The VFW Senior Dinner is at 5 p.m. Saturday.

Sunset Meadows I Friday potluck is at noon.

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Birthdays, anniversaries are welcome. Call 824-2139 or come see me at Sunset Meadows I.

– Mary Jo Brown