Senior Spotlight for Dec. 14 |

Senior Spotlight for Dec. 14

The pace is picking up. People hurrying here and there. I am wondering what do I wear?

Yesterday I dared go out and cloudy though it was, I worried naught. But I forgot how temperamental the weather was.

Anyway, I try again today. Go see Santa Claus.

In the meantime, happy birthday to Helen Chamberlane, Marian Conrow, Trey Gallegos, Clem Mascarenas and Gary Wilbur.

Get well/speedy recovery to Clarene Yonkers and Ron Moran.

We enjoyed Tanya Young and the East Elementary choir and the Yampa Valley Strings, also a group of carolers this past week.

Sunset Meadows Pot Luck at noon Friday. Bingo follows.

News welcome — call 824-2139.

Mary Jo Brown


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