Senior Spotlight for Dec. 11 |

Senior Spotlight for Dec. 11

This year, I am trying to get my list of Christmas cards done by Christmas Eve. I’m about one-fourth done.

But that’s a good start for me.

Some of the people moved or I misplaced the address book. It was on my little table as I recall.

Anyway, I better move and get some birthdays written.

Happy birthday to Trey Gallegos, Keith Keller, Earl Kline, Victoria Danskow, Vannesa Zurita, Jane Seiloff and Kathleen Hayes.

A get well and a speedy recovery to Karen Prince, Teresa Rendon, Page Bell, Tammy Willis, Inez Beers, Dorothy Chivington, Bennie Tafoya, Rose Gutierrez and Terry Brauch.

Remember the noon Friday potluck at Sunset Meadows. See you there.

There’s an AARP meeting 2 p.m. Dec. 17 at Sunset Meadows, as well.

I can always use some news, so call me at 824-2139.


Mary Jo Brown