Senior Spotlight for April 30: Do away with bad television |

Senior Spotlight for April 30: Do away with bad television

Mary Jo Brown

I don’t watch television in the mornings. In the evenings, I turn it on to game shows. Jeopardy is one of my favorites. I can actually answer some of the subjects.

I listen to the news, weather reports, etc.

But, we need to, in my way of thinking, do away with horror movies, the Simpsons, etc. We need to concentrate more on soil conservation and less on soiled conversations.

To me, television is becoming a thing of things that should be put somewhere where it is less splashed all over. No wonder children use bad words, are disrespectful, etc.

Don’t be too hard on your children — they learn by example.

Happy birthday to Larry Keller, Shirley Rogers, Chloe Peterson and Sarah Van Grandt.

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Happy Cinco de Mayo and have a great May Day.


Mary Jo Brown

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