Senior spotlight for April 21 |

Senior spotlight for April 21

Mary Jo Brown/For the Craig Daily Press
Mary Jo Brown

When I am getting started for the day I usually pause for a second to check my reflection in the mirror. Today I took a little longer look and it dawned on me that my hair was getting more white in it. That made me wonder if the texture of white hair was the reason why my hair seemed to be behaving the way it did when I was a lot younger.

My “crowning glory” was combed, or brushed, and curled by the best hairdresser available at that time, my grandmother. Dad cut it once in a while but the styling didn’t last long.

The part in my hair does what it wants no matter what I try to do with it, so I learned to cope with it. When I was in my teens it got to where I could fix it and it would stay put a little longer. I soon realized that hair was a living thing and a powerful force to be reckoned with.

Some days I had a “good hair day” or at least it started out that way. We would even use sprays that itched, smelled or made my hair look like straw. But, it never stayed controlled for long.

I can’t use sprays now or have perms because of the chemicals involved and their effects on my health. Lately I have found that I can get by with simply curling it, with a little help, and it will look okay for a while. I still have to learn how to use a blow dryer and curling brush, one in each hand, to do whatever the stylists do.

You can see all the stars and models on television with hair “to die for.” The realization is that most of them have professionals to help them and that’s not real life for us everyday folk. The reality is that some days it will look great and some days it will look woe begotten, and yet the process was the same.

Getting to know what to expect from my hair, gray, white or whatever meant another milestone. By accepting it for what it is, not something to stress out about, I developed another little chunk of peace of mind.

The hair I know is easier to deal with than what I am not familiar with but I am open to change. One of the joys in life is finally finding a becoming hairstyle but in the process of learning to love and accept ourselves, we need to stress less over the small things and appreciate what we have and who we are.

Looking my best is a way to make me feel more energetic, get into a better mood and feel more confident. Every day I’m going through my morning ritual and no matter how I look when I get done I thank the Lord that I am me.

I do have hair, can hear and see and am able to smile. By smiling I can share an important part of what truly comes from within me with others, the peace I get from knowing my Lord, and hopefully make their day a little better too.

Birthday wishes go out to Jim Compostine and June Collins.

Potluck at Sunset Meadows I on Friday at noon.

Mary Jo Brown

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