Senior Spotlight: Enjoying holidays with loved ones |

Senior Spotlight: Enjoying holidays with loved ones

Mary Jo Brown
Mary Jo Brown

In my new room the bed is next to a window that faces east which, much to my delight, resulted in my waking up to a beautiful sunrise. The sky presented a panorama of various shades of peach and pink, which mixed with cloudy white and blue thrown in to hold it all together. The blue of the sky changed color, deepening as the day became more apparent, resulting in a glorious day.

I walked the path around the Haven as part of my daily exercise routine enjoying the sun and crisp clean air and just being able to get outside once again. In an effort to get my bearings in a new place, I have started paying closer attention to items around me and how they are situated, where a certain picture is, how chairs are placed, what is in the hall that I need to go down to get to the dining room, landmarks to help me get from one area to another. One of the things I noticed were the bright yellow daffodils that were brought in for all the residents to enjoy, reminding me of my days selling daffodils for Hospice and confirming my thoughts that the ladies were still doing a great job fund raising and raising awareness of the hospice program.

We are looking for a little green man, a lady asks if we have seen him. Of course she is kidding and is talking about the cardboard character posted on the wall in celebration of St’ Patrick’s Day. With the wearing of the green and corn beef and cabbage behind us we are headed for Easter. There will be new Easter outfits to wear at church services, baskets of goodies, special meals, dying of eggs and the ever popular Easter egg hunt.

The days go by a little faster and are more enjoyable when you share the celebrating of these holidays with others — even if it is just decorating with leprechauns, Easter bunnies or whatever the symbol of the season is. The message is the same, share a time or event with someone else and help make that time even more special, all the while making friendships stronger or even forming new ones. There is a saying that tells us to stop and smell the roses. My interpretation of that is take the time to enjoy what and who is around you, who knows what will happen. By sharing even a small part of a holiday, even those not recognized as national holidays, you might add just a little more to another person’s life and memories. There are those around us, not as fortunate as we are in having family living close by to share times with who might appreciate having someone to spend a part of the day with. Create new memories, have new experiences by simply stepping out and spreading the love and goodwill that the Lord wants us to share with each other.

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