Senior Spotlight: Embrace the changes in life |

Senior Spotlight: Embrace the changes in life

Mary Jo Brown/For the Craig Daily Press

As I grow older, I seem to find more boundaries, and it’s like I take one step forward and two steps back. There are changes in the way I shop, too: I’m trying to overcome the urge to buy something just because it catches my eye and seems to say, “Buy me.” Catalogs always catch my attention. I spend time looking, comparing prices and items and then getting rid of the catalogs.

I find I am having to make changes in my lifestyle because of physical limitations and my disabilities, which I consider more of a handicap. The way I dress changed, and now I wear clothes that are easier for me to get into and not so much selecting clothes for style as for comfort. My main problem is finding shoes that will fit because of swelling in my feet, so I sometimes end up getting ones that are not all that attractive but work fine for me. The style has to be something that I can put on myself without assistance, though there are a few things I wear that I may need some help with — and that threatens my independence at times.

There are certain actions in which I am limited, but I always try to find ways to overcome them. Sometimes my solutions work, and sometimes they don’t. I am learning to say “no” to old habits that take away my energy and my inner joy. I have needed to find a way to say “no” and let others do what I used to do in taking charge of things I used to volunteer for. Although I still enjoy helping out and getting things organized, I find that I no longer feel I should and am trying to free myself from going past my limitations. In some measure, I feel I have succeeded in knowing that I do the best I can every day mentally, physically and spiritually. So by living by my own light in what I call my real world and realizing what my life needs to be like right now, I am successful because what I have is authentic and no one can take that away from me.

We each need to find what is right for us at this particular time of our life and be willing to adjust as we need to in order to live our life at the best quality we can. Memories of yesterday are great, but we need to remember that as the years pass, we need to accommodate the new us and changes that are happening to our bodies and in our lives. Maintaining the quality of our lives might mean losing some things we thought were priorities in our lives and finding new ones, but life is an adventure, and the horizon holds something new for everyone willing to live it.

Happy birthday wishes go out to Joan Zimmerman, and a welcome to the world to my new great-great-grandson, Caemden Jace Brown.

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