Senior spotlight: Different perspectives |

Senior spotlight: Different perspectives

Mary Jo Brown/For the Craig Daily Press
Mary Jo Brown

The weather forecast said snow was possible in the high country, and the way the wind was blowing, I told myself that we must be high enough to be considered high country. The next thought was that there would be snow on the ground by morning, and I better get some warmer clothes out. A beautiful sunny day greeted me in the morning, so the heavier clothes went back into the closet.

The need for the warmer clothes was kind of like a lot of my ideas, thoughts and sometimes emotions in that they seemed to be the top priority at the time, but as the day goes on, I either change my mind, forget what was so important at the time or get onto another track. My days are usually full of writing, reading or doing something that has to do with words, such as puzzles, surveys, books and so on. I enjoy working and using words in different ways. Listening to others’ use of words is interesting in the way they express themselves and discuss subjects — the different way they see the same picture of life as they experience it.

The weather is one subject that gets discussed in many ways, depending on the mood of the speakers. The fickleness of the weather is also one thing we can’t change and just have to adjust and deal with the best we can. I think weather is a major part of our moods, and we are all different in the way we feel and speak of the weather. We might enjoy a refreshing summer rain, the crisp fall morning or sitting in the warm sunshine on a cold winter day. On the other hand, some might dread the winter or get depressed by windy days and long periods of rain. Personally, I like the snow and always have, probably because I lived in the mountainous part of Colorado growing up, and there was a lot of snow usually from the middle of October until the end of May or sometimes into June.

By living in the mountains, on farms and in the city, I learned a lot about life and the different ways of people in those places. The thing I found out is there are good and bad people from all walks of life, from all kinds of backgrounds, and it is best to judge not lest you end up being judged. It is my belief that we all need someone and really want to be needed in some way. Visit at the nursing home with a neighbor or family. Connections at times need to be remade in some way, so try just saying hi or smiling and light up someone’s life.

Happy birthday wishes go out to Larry Dillon, Elizabeth Tabor and Anthony Zurita.

The Smart Drivers Class will be held Oct. 9 in Steamboat Springs. We are trying to get a class in Craig but need more registrations by Oct. 5 in order to have one. Call me at 970-824-2139 if you are interested, and I will get your name on the list.

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