Senior Spotlight: Christmas is here! |

Senior Spotlight: Christmas is here!

Mary Jo Brown/For the Craig Daily Press
Mary Jo Brown

“Just hear those sleigh bells ringing …” is being sung on the radio, Christmas decorations galore, snow falling — it’s Christmas time. The holiday season is here, and for a little while at least, the town takes on a new look for those who wish to embrace the spirit of the season.

In the spirit of Christmas, perhaps the gifts from Santa need to be modest and focus should be on the actual idea behind the season, that of sharing, giving and spreading kindness. There are some who are not affected by the decorations or are at a point in their lives that makes it difficult for them to be cheerful. They may not only be having difficulties at the moment but also might be encountering memories of Christmas past that make them melancholy.

One thing about this time of the year is that memories abound, brought on by things as simple as a smell, a song, decoration or even a card from a friend. Hopefully, such memories are good ones and add to the enjoyment of the season.

My memories of Christmas are not so much centered around parties and presents but more about the Christ child and his birth. The focus of our Christmas Day was the story of Christ’s birth represented by the nativity scene. We were taught to be thankful for what we had and that good will, giving and fellowship is something that should last year-round. Simple gifts given when times were hard meant all the more to us because we knew they were heartfelt. The beauty of the snow in the area around us helped us feel even more festive, and laughter filled the air as we played in the white powder.

I like the snow, and although some complain about the winter snowstorms, they give us much-needed water for the summer months that follow. Additionally, snow brings different forms of recreation and exercise such as sledding, skiing, snowmobiling or even shoveling. When it is a fresh, clean, white snow, there is a certain beauty that is hard to beat, and watching it fall can be a special time all by itself. If there is a storm outside or a cold wind blowing, it can make it even more enjoyable to be warm inside enjoying time with family or friends.

The snow and cold also mean you might find yourself driving on icy, snowy roads, making it even more important to be prepared for the driving conditions, driving slower with more caution and allowing yourself more time to reach your destination.

If you are traveling or staying at home, I hope you have an enjoyable Christmas. I hope you stay safe and receive all the blessings of the season, making wonderful memories that last a life time. Enjoy the beauty around you, friends, family and all that make this a special time of the year.

Happy birthday greetings to Tony Gallegos and all those with Christmas week birthdays.

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