Senior Spotlight: As I grow older |

Senior Spotlight: As I grow older

Mary Jo Brown

The day started out lazy for some reason, leaving me feeling like the night went by too fast. After going to breakfast I found a copy of the Daily Press and went back to my room so I could relax and read the events happening around me. With great sadness I read of Mary Bea Neu passing and immediately sent a prayer and thoughts of condolences to her family, especially Beth, whom I’ve known for years. In fact my girls all went to school with at least one of the Robertson siblings and consider them friends. Lately it seems like more and more of my friends and neighbors that I have known for a long time are leaving in some fashion or another. Whether it is moving on to find their place in heaven or some other place here on earth, their absence is felt and the loss must be dealt with. The reality of the fact that the world goes on as if it were just another day is sometimes hard to understand, and it makes no sense to someone grieving and whose world has changed forever.

My reality now is I have had a major change in my life by moving to the Haven in Hayden. The transition is hard for me. I figured I was giving up my independence. Instead I found that not to be true at all; I still do most of all the things I used to. It is comforting to have someone there to check on me at night to see if I need help and remind me to take my medicines. I am still able to come and go as I want, stay in my room or mingle with other residents, participate in activities going on or leave with my daughter to visit family. There are a few residents at the Haven that were my neighbors at Sunset Meadows such as Alberta Cochran and who helped make the transition a little easier. The residents are very friendly and helpful — as is the staff, no matter what time of day or which crew is on. Although I miss some of the things I had to leave behind due to lack of space. I still got to bring quite a few that are special to me. I guess it means that I will get better at using what I have knowing that my family will get me things if I need them. I will need to adjust my priorities on what is really needed versus what I think I need or want so that I don’t have a space that is overcrowded. I’m sure I will fit in more as time goes by; there is a time for every season and a reason for everything that happens. Now more windows of life are opened, questions are answered and I will be able to share more of others life stories as I grow older.

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