Senior Spotlight: Adjust your outlook and stay positive |

Senior Spotlight: Adjust your outlook and stay positive

Mary Jo Brown/For the Craig Daily Press
Mary Jo Brown

When I got up, I was feeling every bit of the restless night I had just had. I just couldn’t seem to get to sleep: turn on one side, on my back, on my other side — nothing seemed to work. Finally I got up, went and sat in my recliner, leaned back, turned on the TV, missed most of the program and had a good, short nap. Wide awake again, I thought I would read awhile since that usually works to make me sleepy. No such luck. Instead, I was even more wide awake and wanting to finish the book.

Three hours later, I was still wide awake, done reading, working crossword puzzles, changing the channel on the television to find nothing I was interested in watching, so I turned it off. I decided to read something else, so out came the magazines and catalogs that during the day seem to make me sleepy when I’m reading them — but nothing, still wide awake.

Finally, I told myself I would just go to bed if for no other reason than to put my feet up like I am supposed to in order to rest my legs. I don’t usually nap while I do this since this quiet time seems to be a signal for my mind to start working on something, usually something I was told or heard and am trying to figure out if what I learned from it was a good thing, bad thing or not worth retaining.

There are aspects of our lives in which others’ opinions are neither wanted nor required despite their best efforts to present positive thinking. Peace, health or good fortune seem to elude us, yet the quality of our days is what we have control over. How we meet, greet, handle challenges and complete the day is our choosing. Every day, I tell myself, “All right, Jo, let’s get ’er done. No one else can do it for you.” Then I ask God to give me the strength to see the day through and try to do my best even though at times I don’t feel at my full potential to cope with whatever I have to. If I just give it a try anyway, things usually turn out OK, and an at least passable evening can turn an entire day around.

Whether a day is good or bad is determined by how we deal with what is presented to us during the day. I try to say thank you for the gift of each new wonderful day, though some days could use a little more wonderful in them. The not-so-wonderful days do make us appreciate the ones that are and what we have been given even more.

It’s all about attitude, the one you start your day with, face the challenges with and end the day with. Try to make your day a positive one. Don’t give up on the day by deciding it’s a “bad day”; adjust your outlook and decide that you are going to stay positive. Have a wonderful day.

Happy birthday greetings to Connie Combs and Bev Lovelady.

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