Senior Spotlight: 2015 offers a blank slate |

Senior Spotlight: 2015 offers a blank slate

Mary Jo Brown
Mary Jo Brown

Last year went out like a lion in some places with strong winds, snow storms and extra cold weather. The New Year has been welcomed in, and we are on our way into another year of smiles, tears, trials and triumphs. Frigid temperatures seem colder than usual to some and even those used to the weather are remarking that it shouldn’t be this cold until a little later into the month. Colorado is known for its frequent weather changes; “If you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes” was often a remark I heard when I was younger. Usually that was a bit of an exaggeration, but the unpredictability of our weather is well known to those of us raised in Colorado.

If I am going any distance at all I usually make it a point to have a sweater or jacket with me and a bottle of water. When my kids were younger, and we traveled during the winter, we made sure to also have blankets and a shovel with us. That was before the days of cellphones and interstate highways, but I think it is still a good idea, just in case.

Looking out my window I marvel at the beauty of the landscape; it is a picture that changes whenever the weather does. The cold temperatures have created a completely new picture with the trees covered in a frost that sparkles as the early morning sun shines on them. Since I can see into the small park behind the building I catch an occasional glimpse of birds, squirrels and a few deer. Each season is special in its own way if you take the time to look and appreciate it.

Along with changing of the seasons come other changes such as layoffs due to lack of work or weather conditions, less spending while recovering from Christmas, families relocating to where the work is or it’s warmer. Businesses cut employees hours to make up for the slow shopping season, fuel prices and utility bills go up and it seems like the year starts out rather dark and gloomy.

The year also begins with a promise of 360 days ahead to make whatever changes you want to. It is a fresh, blank slate that offers the opportunity for you to grown, learn, share, teach and make the most of the days given to you. Spend a part of each day appreciating the beauty around you and giving thanks for all your blessings. Some days it may seem like there is nothing to be thankful for, but if you take the time you may find one small ray of light.

No matter what the year ahead holds for us, right now it is handing us some frigid weather so bundle up, stay warm and I hope the year is very good for all of you.

Happy birthday wishes go out to Dorothy Tabor, Haley Bellin-VanGrandt, Wade Gagnon and all those with early January birthdays.


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