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Senior scoop

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I sure do enjoy the change of the season. The nice brisk air as I walk along looking at all the fall colors. Also the change in some of the activities.

The First Christian Church held a cookout Sept. 25 and if you didn’t attend you missed out on a real good thing. There was music by the “Monday Night Mugs,” and cowboy poet Fred Ellis was there. Among those from Sunset Meadows who attended were: “Toots” Vaugh, Margaret and Wayne Splitt, Neva Richardson, Hilda Schmidt, LaVeta Winslow, Edith Chadwick, Ruth White, Dorothy Forshee, Dorothy Wiseman, Ada Moyer, Mary SoRelle, Celia Wiley, Mary Jo Brown, Francis Chisholm, Celestine Serrano, Credda and Dale Murphy from Littleton, Colo., who are here visiting Gene Murphy and family.

Venise Eddy was with her mother, Velma Moreland, during the week of Sept. 14. Velma was in the hospital for a while during that time. She is now home and convelescing. Speedy recovery to Velma. Also a speedy recovery to Bea Morrison, Bill Haggerty and Loretta Scott.

Lunch out Sept. 25 was at McDonald’s or Pizza Hut.

For the potluck Sept. 24 the following were present: Millie Bilsing, Tom Ward, Billie Young, Rosetta Harper, Bob and Donna Whitecotton, Hilda Schmidt, Lottie Skidmore, Avis Self, Ada Moyer, Clysta Carey, Lit Anderson, Doris McFarland, Eleanor and Carl Blomquist, Flo and Roger Hayes, Alberta and Ted Cochran, Alma Smith, Betty Reece, Joe Rotter, Hazel Linzenmeyer, Earl and Beulah Kline, Jim and Ronnie Rogers, Ralph and Faye Paulson, Sophie Nardi, Alek Kaye, Mildred Herring, Thelma Sanders, Herb McCool, George and Laura Swanson, Verniece Self, Steve and Sukie Self, Ethel and EK Callaway, May McIntyre, Mary Jo Brown, Berniece Finley and Minnie Sheard. Rainbow Care Center had 11 present. Herb McCool gave the blessing.

The angel of the month is Dorothy Wiseman and it’s time to go get in the “Center of Things.”