Seize the moment, contact those you love |

Seize the moment, contact those you love

Mary Jo Brown
Mary Jo Brown

As I continued to sort through the never ending piles of papers that have accumulated over the years, I came across a paper I had received from a teacher of a class I took here at Sunset Meadows.

The content of the letter was about seizing the day, taking advantage of the time we have. I realized that I still fell into the category of not seizing enough of the moments that were presented to me. How many times have we missed a moment of joy, an opportunity to make contact with someone we missed, tell someone we love them because it doesn’t fit into our schedule, we don’t have time or we don’t want to depart from out routine.

I was going to send my cousin a birthday card but got side tracked and time passed. My cousin passed away two months ago, the card was never sent. I sent a card to her sister instead, not the happy funny one, a wasted moment, but a condolence one instead.

Seize the moment; ask yourself “What can I do now, this moment that would make me feel good.” We tend to cram too much into our lives, living on a sparse diet of promises we make to ourselves to do things when we get a chance. Life has a way of accelerating as we get older. Days get shorter and the list of promises gets longer.

When you ask “How are you doing today?” do you really listen to the answer, make eye contact and make the encounter count? Do you go to bed with tomorrows agenda running through your mind instead of taking time to let your loved ones know you care, read a book to you child, touch base with the Lord.

Slow down, time is short. Have you ever lost contact with a dear friend or family member? Didn’t take the time to call when you had a chance, didn’t seize the moment when you could have made them smile just by letting them know you were thinking of them. When was the last time you did something you wanted to that was not on your-should do list? Seize the moment. Eat that dessert your afraid might end up on your hips, call someone you’ve lost contact with, spend time with you kids or grandkids, make that doctors appointment you’ve been putting off, go for that walk. What are you waiting for? Tomorrow is not a promise, yesterday is past and the present is a gift, use it wisely.

Happy Birthday wishes to Dena Price and Paul Tabor.

Get well and speedy recovery to Tony Balleck, Margaret Thompson, Phyllis Bingham, Phyllis Varela, Tillie Gallegos, Rose Gomez, Kenneth Fleming and Ray Miller.

Friday noon potluck at Sunset Meadows I is a good time to seize the moment to visit friends and make new ones, hope to see you there.

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