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See you later

In a few short weeks, seniors will no longer be able to charm the halls of Moffat County High School with their presence. Instead of counting down the days until summer, we find ourselves counting down the days until graduation. A day recognized annually for the exchange of a simple piece of paper stating that the seniors at MCHS undoubtedly share a part in the graduating class of 2012.

That piece of paper will also remind us of all of the countless sleepless nights we encountered finishing homework and studying for tests. All of our exertion and achievement will pay off on May 26, 2012. No longer will we be high school students, but graduates and alumni. Time seems to fly when you’re having fun, right?

Moffat County High School has been my “home away from home” for the past four years, a place I’ve learned to love and hate. Here I found myself, my limitations, and how easily and quickly life can change. I endured the continual change in friends, boys, and trends. Being the Editor-in-Chief of the MCHS Blue Print for the past year, writing my last piece is bittersweet. I’m so thankful for a school that has provided a well-enough structured module to include journalism into its basic everyday curriculum as well as including it as an extra-curricular activity.

By challenging and sticking my nose into other people’s business, I cultivated a strong sense of opinion and bound it into something I found I was favorable at, opinion writing. I also found that purposefully solving the truth and transcribing it on paper set me on fire. I’ve never been so assimilated with anything else.

These past two years, Mr. Gaines allowed me to concentrate on this one type of journalistic writing. This year, I was encouraged to write my own monthly column, having permission to take a stand on anything desired. By doing so, it was like letting me fly (as cliché as that sounds), but I could never thank him enough.

From the beginning to the end, I’ve addressed countless arguments, becoming quite the pain in the tuckus by doing so. To the staff and administration around the district who were only doing their jobs, I’m sorry. I felt the need to voice the problems I thought this school had not only for myself but for my fellow students. I believe young adults should understand their rights in the public school system.

There are so many people at MCHS who have helped me get where I am today that I’d like to thank, but by doing so would surely push me over the twenty column inches word limit. Instead, I’ll leave it at thanking my readers. Whether you have read my column monthly or just here and there, I wrote every piece for you. Without the response from my audience around MCHS and the community of Craig, I’d never know how to keep improving and where to seek the self-guidance for post high school endeavors that I’ve identified. Instead of calling this my farewell column, I’ll call this my “see-you later” column, because I can’t say goodbye to something I love so much.

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