Searching for hidden talent |

Searching for hidden talent

MCHS boys junior varsity football team focuses on development

John Vandelinder

— Hard work will be rewarded.

That’s the motto of Bulldog junior varsity coaches Ron Linsacum and John Haddan.

Linsacum is responsible for coaching the offense, and Haddan the defense.

“We want to see what these kids are capable of,” Linsacum said. “This is where we push the players to see how they handle certain situations.”

MCHS hosted Montrose on Saturday afternoon, but fell to the Indians, 40-19.

“The kids adjusted really well at halftime,” Haddan said. “The outside run hurt us, but the team pushed through and learned a few new lessons.”

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The Bulldogs have put in new offensive packages at all levels, and it’s the JV coaches’ job to get every player ready to step in at the varsity level when needed.

“We aren’t focused so much on the end result of these games,” Linsacum said. “We want to see somebody make a play that stands out. We want them to get our attention.”

Many of the teams the Bulldogs play against are smaller classification schools that suit up players with more experience than MCHS.

“Many of the teams we go up against are putting juniors on the field, even though we have all sophomores and we like that challenge,” Linsacum said. “Our kids get a chance to hit, and be hit, hard. They get a feel for the speed and the strength needed to compete at the highest level.”

On the defensive side of the ball, the schemes have changed much this season as well.

“The biggest adjustment for these kids is adapting to the new plays,” Haddan said. “It’s tough because we don’t get as much practice time as the varsity squad does, but we still run varsity plays. We have lots of work to do.”

Haddan and Linsacum both said they are pleased with their team’s work ethic and drive to excel.

“We push them hard,” Haddan said. “And they don’t complain at all.”

“Varsity gets all the attention,” Linsacum said. “JV gets all the work.”

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