Scranton: You can rant and rave, but don’t forget what’s important |

Scranton: You can rant and rave, but don’t forget what’s important

Humility requires a certain acceptance of the imperfections we all struggle with as human beings. It also requires a realization that there are certain things about ourselves that we can change should we determine that it is in the best interest of ourselves and those around us.

As easy as it is to point a finger at the imperfections in another, self-delusion is sometimes our own worst enemy. We shouldn’t excuse the stupidity which lands people in predicaments of their own doing, but we should factor in our own behaviors when critiquing others.

Humility is not easy and if given enough repetitions, flexing our critical muscles can become our strongest urge.

For my part with this column, there is always something to write about and someone who says something or does something that becomes an easy target of the ire of this writer. But, excluding those with a malevolent intention, most are just trying to do what they think is best to help keep things together the surest way they think possible.

Too often we sacrifice the good will of our fellow man and the community of people around us for our own selfish desire to be right. It’s easy to attack politicians, and we are all really good at pointing out the absurdity of some of the ideas that our government supports. Both sides of the political aisle are guilty of some pretty wild ideas that never see the light of day (thank goodness).

But some things polarize us anyway.

Climate change is real. How we deal with its natural or human caused effects is something we each think differently about and solutions vary from the drastic to the laissez faire. Conserving what we have while addressing some issue we think is important is one response to various problems.

I went out shooting with my son last week and we had a great time comparing our groupings at targets from 150-400 yards away. His AK-47 is an amazing little rifle that has allowed me to spend some quality time with someone I care about. It’s really difficult to listen to people caricature rifle owners as weirdos or extremists. Conserving a fundamental right such as owning a gun, or freedom of speech requires the exercise of the right or it really isn’t a right – is it?

Climate, guns, and inflation are some hot topic issues right now but what it really comes down to is how we choose to treat each other. You can do everything possible to try and prove me wrong about something but if you forget that I am a human being with thoughts, emotions, and an intellect, then no series of facts is ever going to change my mind.

You can rant and rave about how I should just go out and buy an electric vehicle if gas is too expensive but unless we learn to listen about the obvious complexities around buying, charging, and servicing an electric car, it won’t make a bit of difference.

We all worry about the big things because they have an effect on our well-being, but when we discount the little things it has an effect on finding solutions that work and are sustainable.

Maybe a little more humility is needed as we head into the fall. We are going to run up against some serious issues in which we don’t all agree, but we still have to live with each other and that should be a pretty important guiding principle for every one of us.

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