Scranton: We will celebrate — eventually |

Scranton: We will celebrate — eventually

Lance Scranton

Remember when the snow was 5 or 6 feet high and we all thought that this spring was gonna be scary?

We all knew that things were going to be a challenge but, in the long run, it would be a good thing for so many lakes, rivers, reservoirs, fields, farmers and water systems. But the path to all this abundance was going to be filled with flooded fields, banks running over, water in basements and washed out roads. It isn’t always easy to figure out how to accept the abundance because the manner in which it is presented seems, at first, disastrous.

Recall how much we were reading about the state of our water supply and the emptying water sources, low flowing rivers and drier than average drought conditions? We sought to mitigate the issues because it is the responsible thing to do, but then good old nature took care of a big part of the problem this winter. Sure, things won’t be back to “normal,” but this abundance of snowmelt is really going to help.

Reports from the people who know about these things and keep track of the data have been telling us that things are looking really good for the amount of snowpack in relation to how it will affect our spring runoff and therefore our various storage areas for water. Simply put; things look really positive.

Recharging the systems that have been in place for so long that are designed to help us maintain a vital source of life is a big deal and one that we need to celebrate. It might take a few more weeks for some people to be in a celebratory mood, but it is definitely going to be a summer to remember as we take advantage of the abundance that winter has provided.

The seasons remind us that things change, the unexpected occurs, and our lives are shaped very much by the ebb and flow of the decisions made by us individually, by those close to us, and by those in power over us. We are all accountable for making certain that we respond to the abundance in our lives by considering those around us and the influence we have on each other.

Serious-minded people understand that it isn’t always the path that is the easiest, but the path which leads to a greater responsibility to ourselves. Without taking up the cause that helps us to become that which we are destined to be; we slip into mediocrity of action and mindless distraction. Too often we allow others to shape our view of the world without considering that the laws of nature and of man are imperfect and in need of checks and balances.

So, let’s celebrate the abundance while it lasts and respond to positivity with a view toward making our world a better place, while reminding ourselves that we are ultimately responsible to ourselves in a world that is constantly reminding us that it will go on with our engagement, or without. Trust yourselves, be joyful, enjoy spring, raise a glass of nice clear local water and remember how much we need it — and each other!

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