Scranton: Maybe? |

Scranton: Maybe?

Lance Scranton

Summer is around the corner coming at us fast with rising temperatures and above-average run-off from our blockbuster winter.

Two things about the weather are certain: constant change and the forecasters are never wrong (until it changes!) Maybe in this season of awakening flowers, green grass, nuisance weeds and cool evenings on the deck enjoying one of the greatest places to live in the summer, we might just see something return. Maybe?

There is a slight possibility that you and I will be taken seriously as citizen voters by the people we have put in place through the electoral process. But it’s an “iffy” proposition if you look around the country, and the world, at the increasing number of super close elections decided by 1% or 2% of the vote.

This begs the question about the “fidelity” of the process. If it’s about the voice of the people — we accept what has been decided. If, however, it’s about consolidating power away from those who make up our republic, that might need to be addressed, attended to and investigated to ensure accuracy. Maybe states will wrestle control of the process away from federal oversight, and we can ask for identification when we vote and guarantee mail-in ballot integrity without being charged with racism. Maybe?

Like him, hate him, think he’s our future or our past, the Durham report is pretty much a straight-forward indictment of our federal investigative agencies’ treatment of the facts against former President Donald Trump.

A cursory reading of the report points out an all-too-common problem in our country these days: Following the rules with fidelity (faithful, loyal, trustworthy) is out of fashion while constantly redesigning and restructuring the process with more legislation (aka more laws) under the guise of “reforming” a broken system is all the rage. Maybe people begin to realize that some traditions are reliable, and gaining our trust means actually trying to make the system work instead of constantly “working the system.” Maybe?

Not certain of your beverage proclivities and it is as certain that it is none of my business because the very fact that it is yours means you have an expectation of privacy. So, maybe our business institutions could quit pretending that they are being inclusive by jamming the latest social construct down our collective throats. If someone determines that they are not in the body they feel is right; OK, glad you are taking responsibility for your happiness, but stop putting it on beer cans and in every other commercial on television as if it is the new normal. Biological men dressed as women reading stories and dancing at our public libraries in front of children? Maybe we take a pause on the wholesale overload mentality of exposing children to whatever we deem socially acceptable without being accused of a phobic mentality. Maybe?

Our country values the fact that the immigrant story of our founding is one of the most powerful aspects of our national identity. I am one of the many immigrant stories and just one of millions of other stories about the opportunities for success and the grafting onto the tree of national pride and appreciation. Responsibility is at the heart of the immigrant narrative, but we aren’t seeing this by our federal government.

If we could take in the entirety of the universe — it is certain we would try, but realistically, it isn’t possible — a country without borders really isn’t a country. Securing borders isn’t an indication that we don’t care; it’s just the opposite. Our President appears to believe, by his actions, that the number of people amassing at our southern border is not a huge concern — except to those who are racist. Maybe we could actually start to think about issues and problems beyond the simplistic charges being leveled against people who care about our national sovereignty. Maybe?

Maybe sanity will make a huge comeback in our institutions, businesses, and among the people to embrace the age-old tradition of critical thinking instead of critical race theory and the simplistic view that my skin color is the sole defining characteristic of all my thoughts and views. Summer brings with it all kinds of possibilities.

Maybe sanity will make a brilliant, sunshiny and overdue return — maybe?

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