Scranton: Keep dancing |

Scranton: Keep dancing

Lance Scranton

Dancing is one of the coolest (and in this case accurate) analogies for life.

A wise man once told me that good dancers make the dance work by a series of leading, following or getting out of the way. The symmetry involved must be choreographically correct, but smooth, so that each of the dancers look as if they are one. Some of the most beautiful work is done by those who have learned the dance of life over many years of practice.

It’s been a 25-year dance with Moffat County High School as my preferred partner and has been a series of sometimes leading, oftentimes following and for now — getting out of the way. Not to press the analogy to an extreme, because all analogies break down at some point, but there comes a time in the dance that a new venue might be the best thing for all those involved.

Change is inevitable and having the skill to dance with the arbitrary forces of fate has become something of a required skill since the disruptions caused in our social fabric over the past 10 years. Something changed and it has had an extreme effect in many institutions that we value and are reliant upon.

Regardless, the music has changed and the rhythms that I have relied on to make sense of the dance have been disrupted. I still love the dance but the venue’s music has helped determine the fate of this dancer.

Too often, stumbling blocks define our reaction to changes and result in a swift recusal of the entire enterprise, and lost are the beautiful possibilities. Music and venues come and go but the dance continues. I love the artistic endeavor inherent in quality teaching and providing guidance for young people. The dance still intrigues me, and I want to continue the quest while helping shape and mentor future adults.

Because the music has changed and the opportunity to switch venues has fallen into my lap, I’ll be doing what I have always valued as an educator, but it will be to a different tune, in a new venue, with a different partner. I’ll still be in Craig and excited to watch our young people, and our community, progress.

This community has been a true blessing for my family, and I will continue to celebrate and document the great things and events happening in our part of the state. Truly, Moffat County and Craig are my home, and the place where special relationships were formed and lifelong friendships are still going strong.

If you don’t dance, maybe it’s time — and if you do, you know what I mean.

I look forward to the months ahead and the opportunity to learn some new music and maybe a few different styles — but the dance remains.

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