Scranton: Into the fray of another election |

Scranton: Into the fray of another election

Lance Scranton
For Craig Press

Just a couple of weeks remain in this midterm election season and most of us are wondering what’s going on in our country.

Gas prices are high, food prices are high and everything seems to be more expensive, so most of us are looking for some kind of adjustment come this November. Problem is you can’t get a fix on what people want? Do we want a big seismic kind of change or maybe just a little bit of balancing of power?

So what do we do as a community of people who are like-minded in hoping that store closings and struggles will become a thing of the past. The American spirit is about things getting better, and we are taking it on the chin right now with regard to positivity. There are a number of great things happening in our community, but news about losing businesses swallows up all the good stuff happening.

Politicians don’t seem to be much help. They make a lot of promises and fill up the content of our local paper with all the things they are going to do, have done and make promises to not be like someone whom they vilify with attack ads, unflattering pictures and snarky, out-of-context quotes from some local debate or presentation. It all gets a little tiring.

Considering what is on the ballot for this election — a whole bunch of propositions designed to make things better (I think) for us as Coloradans and some pretty important decisions about who is going to represent us.

Some local people feel like our voice is too small to really make a difference, but if you have paid any attention to elections over the past six years, you know that a few hundred or thousand votes can make a huge difference.

Yes, our voice does matter in the grand scheme of things and how many of us vote is one measure of how much we care about our community, state and country.

Most people on both ends of the political spectrum agree that things aren’t great right now, but as usual, we have different ideas about how to get things turned around. So, if you haven’t looked at the various ballot measures being considered, you should because some of them will directly affect our little slice of paradise here in the valley. From our access to alcohol and marijuana, all the way to how much power we determine that our local city council should have.

Important questions for sure, and as a community, it would be great to see us smash a record for voter turnout and let our voices be heard loud and clear from Northwest Colorado. And, as is always the case, the election will come and go and we will all get back to the business of living while our “duly elected” try and figure out how to get this country moving again. We should say a prayer for all of them — they will need it.

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