Scott Tochtrop: Craig fuel prices |

Scott Tochtrop: Craig fuel prices

To the editor:

What is up with the fuel prices in Craig? With oil below $80 per barrel and gas at a national average of $2.97 (CBS Morning News, Tuesday) why did diesel jump up 40 cents per gallon at one chain then drop down 20 cents; still 20 cents more than last week? Another store raised the price 19 cents. Now, Tuesday, it is 3 cents more than last week. If diesel is cheaper to make, then why is the price so much higher than gas? The big oil companies and corporations are ripping off the American people. Everything we buy is brought in on trucks, so the price of everything will go up. I favor domestic oil production but do not for one second believe the price of fuel will go down. It will just mean more profits for them.

Scott Tochtrop