Scott Middleton: Hidden problems visible to Jesus |

Scott Middleton: Hidden problems visible to Jesus

Scott Middleton/For Craig Press

I was on a trip the other day. and as I left Craig, I noticed a great amount of vibration in my truck. This trip was planned, so I had done all the preparation I could think of: The gas tank was full, the tires had all the air they needed, the oil had been changed and I had even washed my truck. In spite of everything I had done, there was still a problem.

I stopped on the side of the road and got out to investigate. I examined everything I could imagine but found nothing to cause such a vibration. I climbed back in and started off again; at the slow speed, it seemed the problem was corrected, but by the time I got up to highway speed, the vibration began again. This time it grew worse, and I was forced to pull off the road again and get out to look once again for the source of the trouble.

This time, I stopped in what turned out to be a fortunate setting. I could see through the wheel to a large amount of dried mud clinging to the inside of my rear tire. It was basically an extra tire weight and was causing the whole truck to shimmy and shake. The only thing I had that would reach the mud was my ice scrapper. I was successful in knocking a little of the mud off but not enough to correct the problem. When I finally was able to wash the tires with a high pressure hose, the mud dropped off, and the vibration was gone.

The moral of this story: My trip is a lot like life; sometimes, you have a little hidden dirt that you take with you, and you don’t even know it. You can feel that you have done everything right, but still, something feels wrong. That is where Jesus comes in. He can remove the dirt that you cannot; he can make the journey much smoother.

If you have tried everything to make life’s journey better, but it’s not working out for you, may I suggest you let Jesus look in those areas that are so hard to see and even harder to reach. I promise that Jesus can help smooth out your ride.

Scott Middleton is senior minister at Craig Christian Church.


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