Schools enjoy quality bus drivers |

Schools enjoy quality bus drivers

To the Editor

To the Editor,
This letter is long overdue. I personally think that we here in the Moffat County School District have the nicest, most courteous school bus drivers in the state.
I drive in to Craig from Maybell on a daily basis. Our bus drivers out west are extremely aware of the “working folks” and always signal us when it is safe to pass them and even pull over to the side to allow us to pass! There is always a friendly wave and smile from the driver. I’m sure the kids enjoy their friendly attitude also.
Thank you to the hard working, early rising, most courteous people I know.
And a big thank you to the “powers that be” who put the strobe lights on the top of the buses. It sure makes the school buses much more visible in the winter snows and the spring and fall foggy times. Those little taillights aren’t worth much but the strobe lights really get a driver’s attention.
Lois J. Stoffle,