School Improvement Committee reports on 1998-1999 goals |

School Improvement Committee reports on 1998-1999 goals

Lee Harstad

For this school year, the School Improvement Committee (SIC) made three goals which may be approved or realigned by the board in future meetings.

1) Continuing to study class sizes at all grade levels to determine best performance.

2) Examining the current kindergarten through sixth-grade structure to review if it is at best capacity to serve educational needs.

3) Ensure safety issues are up to par by checking if some areas need to be upgraded, such as playground equipment and student behavior.

As is the case each year, the School Improvement Committee (SIC) pursued four goals during the 1998-99 school year. The SIC outlines the goals early in the school year and they are voted upon by Moffat County School District Board of Education. The board either approves the goals as is or it asks the SIC to meet again and come up with different ideas.

The first goal in 1998-99 was to examine the use of school facilities by outside agencies and the concept of activity-free Wednesdays.

The committee did not recommend a policy or act to close a school facility on Wednesday nights but did recommend the idea to various agencies and the community as a positive action in support of families. The SIC formed a district committee to look into the aspects of Wednesday closing before making a final decision.

The second goal was to discuss the English as a Second Language (ESL) program and state requirements governing it.

To insure the building of positive relationships, the committee supported the involvement of families of ESL students with the schools and the planning of community activities.

The SIC believed the hiring of a certified teacher and coordinator would help meet these goals, as well as address the academic needs of the student population in Moffat County. Final recommendation from the SIC was to hire a teacher/coordinator once the district-wide ESL program reaches 50 to 60 students.

The third goal was researching and discussing the open-door elementary registration policy and any possible impact on class size at various sites.

The SIC deemed no additional changes were necessary and endorsed the current revisions of policies dealing with enrollment and class size.

In the only goal assigned by the school board, the SIC was to examine the impact of fund-raisers on the community, develop a philosophy on the types of fund-raisers that should be approved and make recommendations.

The SIC recommended that there be increased emphasis on service-type fund-raisers and the need for a restriction to be put on door-to-door type sales. They also believe products sold should be local products whenever possible and want to see more activities occur in the community and surrounding area. The SIC recommended an examination of the activities for which funds are being raised before the fund-raising is approved and a limitation on the fund-raising for out-of-state trips. It was also recommended that a card or letter be provided for all students soliciting donations in the community that will identify them as participating in a school-sponsored event.

According to Moffat County School District Director of Curriculum and Staff Development Janet Bohart, the SIC is comprised of parents and community members that “support schools but believe schools could be improved.”

Since 1987, the committee has been meeting once a month to legislate and regulate policy.