School district enrollment up |

School district enrollment up

Overall student population in Moffat County shows modest increase from last year

Bridget Manley

— Enrollment in the Moffat County School District increased slightly from last year, exceeding budget projections and bringing in more – but not much more – state funding for the district.

Enrollment across the district totaled 2,415 students, the district reported. The total is 19 more than last year’s enrollment of 2,396 students.

The district will receive state funding for 2,238 of those students. State funding is dependent on the number of students who attended full time – or students who were recorded as having at least 360 hours of student-to-teacher contact during the first semester, administrative assistant Vicki Duncan said. The number is listed on the report as full-time equivalency, she said.

The number of students for whom the district will receive state funding also increased from last year, according to district data summaries. The district has 27 more of these students than last year.

Mark Rydberg, district finance director, said the increase in enrollment exceeded the district’s budget projections by about 21 students.

“It’s actually a good thing for us,” Rydberg said, adding that the district receives $6,275 for each of its full-time students.

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The enrollment increase will add about $130,000 more in state funds than the district budgeted for, he said.

While this money may seem significant, it pales in comparison to the district’s overall budget, about $18 million.

“It’s not even one percent of our revenue,” Ryberg said.

Finances aside, the report showed other trends, including steady student populations and enrollment in early education at-risk programs.

Enrollment data from previous years show enrollment throughout the district has remained fairly stable since 2002. During that time, neither total enrollment nor full-time enrollment exceeded about 2,500 students or dropped below about 2,200 students.

The report also showed all state-funded enrollment positions set aside by the Colorado Preschool and Kindergarten Program are filled to capacity.

CPKP funds preschool and extended-day kindergarten education for students at high risk for academic failure, said Sarah Hepworth, director of early childhood education for the school district.

Normally, parents pay for preschool education and kindergarten education extending more than half a day.

CPKP enrollment “is usually filled by September,” she added. The trend continued this year.


Moffat County School District enrollments for the past four school years.

• 2007-2008

Total: 2,415

Full-time equivalency: 2238.5

• 2006-2007

Total: 2,396

FTE: 2211.5

• 2005-2006

Total: 2,400

FTE: 2,224

• 2004-2005

Total: 2,402

FTE: 2,229