School board to welcome four newly elected members |

School board to welcome four newly elected members

Lee Harstad

Four new members of the Moffat County School District Board of Education will attend their first official meeting Tuesday. Gerald Magas, John Kinkaid, Phil Hastings and Steve Hafey will go through orientation and take the oath of office during their first meeting after being elected to their respective districts during the Nov. 2 election.

The board will also hold elections for new officers as the four new members will join John Wellman, Gary Ellgen and Chuck Malley on the Board of Education.

Action items to be voted on during the meeting include possible adoption of a new music curriculum, the audit report, assignments will be assigned to committees and the Oct. 1, 1999, pupil count will be certified.

K27FA newsman William Engler will present a proposal for a new press box at the Moffat County High School football field.

Reports will also be heard from Transportation Director Jim Baptist on proposed activity van purchase by Maybell School along with enrollment and discontinuer reports.

State qualifiers from the Moffat County High School girls and boys cross country teams, along with Coalin Hume, Kayla Steele and Jake Hettinger, who were selected to the 1999-2000 Wrangler High School All Star Rodeo Team, will be recognized during the meeting.