School board receives no comment on ballot issue |

School board receives no comment on ballot issue

Lee Harstad

The Moffat County School District Board of Education met Tuesday for the second time during the 1999-2000 school year.

The meeting was slated to begin with a discussion over the TABOR (Taxpayer Bill of Rights) Amendment which will be on the ballot in the November election. With no public discussion about the amendment, which will allow the school district to exceed the revenue limitation imposed by the state constitution, the meeting was called to order.

Issues discussed at the board meeting include:

Art instructors from area schools were on hand to present their needs for an adoption of a new art curriculum. Instructors commented students were graduating without taking art classes and the district goals of producing well-rounded students were not being met. A new curriculum that would involve art as another graduation requirement is being pursued. Moffat County School District Superintendent Duane Wrightson was pleased with the enthusiasm from the art department, but would like to make sure a new curriculum would be feasible. He wants to make sure there will be enough faculty members to handle an increase in students.

Beginning in the 2000-2001 school year, the personal business day buy-back program will begin for classified staff members. The program reads, “Of the two days an individual receives for personal leave, a buy-back will be in place. Should an employee so decide, they may sell back the days. The rate will be $50 per day, pro-rated for number of hours an employee is scheduled to work.”

This resulted in mixed opinions from board members. School Board President Alman Nicodemus was in favor of the motion as staff members will find more initiative in coming to work. Nicodemus believes this will help with the troubles of finding a substitute.

Member Donna Reishus believes the idea is unprofessional. She believes all district employees are professionals and it is not necessary for them to be paid twice to do their job.

The buy-back program is designed for the following classifications: secretaries and clerks, instructional aids, custodians, food service, transportation, health and computer personnel, and a school-to-career employee. This totals 176 eligible staff members accounting for a buy-back liability of $17,600 and a pro-rated amount of $13,870. With this program, the district, at most, could stand to lose the $13,870.

Moffat County High School (MCHS) Principal Joel Sheridan informed the board on progress of alternative schools in the area. According to Sheridan, of the 30 open spots at the Moffat County Youth Care Center, 20 of them are filled. Eight middle school and 12 high school students are attending the center.

In the dual-enrollment program offered at MCHS for juniors and seniors, 103 students are taking classes. This accounts for 25 percent of the classes.


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