School board gets new members |

School board gets new members

Lee Harstad

And the results are in.

With two contested and two uncontested races in the Moffat County School District Board of Education elections, today marks the start for four new members of the board.

In District 1, the 1,568 voters chose Philip W. Hastings over Rex A. Splitt in a margin of 842 votes to 641. Hastings had 56.77 percent of voter support while Splitt obtained 43.22 percent.

District 7 also showed a close race with voters choosing John S. Kinkaid over Patrick S. Mosbey with a 211 vote margin. Kinkaid received 790 votes and Mosbey, 579 a percentage of 57.7 to 42.29.

Steven C. Hafey in District 3 received 100 percent of the 1,167 votes. Gerald A. Magas also took in 100 percent of the votes, 1,116 in District 5.

The four new members will take over the positions held by Alman Nicodemus in District 7, Donna Reishus in District 5, Donna Deakins in District 1 and John Ponikvar (who resigned earlier this year because he moved from his district) in District 3.

These new members will join three incumbents, John Wellman in District 2, Gary Ellgen in District 4 and Chuck Malley in District 6.

Hastings is an electronics specialist at Tri-State and wants to see a change in attitude in parents, students and teachers and their respect for one another and their property. He believes it is a shame to walk on school grounds when it looks like a junk yard and more parental involvement is also necessary.

Kinkaid is a plant operator at Tri-State and believes there is too much of push from the federal government for social engineering and this comes at the expense of academic learning. He believes student achievement scores have been going down while per pupil spending on education has been going up. Higher spending has not translated into higher student achievement.

Hafey is the personnel director at Trapper Mine and would like to see more students involved in extracurricular activities. Hafey says these activities are an important aspect of the educational balance and education does not stop with the afternoon bell. Programs are needed that encourage kids to excel at all levels. Finding a way to recognize and review excellent teaching performances and to commend those that go the extra mile to provide quality education is another aspect Hafey will look into.

Magas is a surveyor with Colowyo Coal Company and wants to provide a challenging curriculum for all academic levels and see more parental involvement in children’s education and to make everyone accountable for quality education.