School board election draws six candidates |

School board election draws six candidates

Lee Harstad

Six community members are in the running to become members of the governing body over local public education.

Voters in the upcoming Moffat County School District Board of Education elections in November will vote to fill four empty seats on the board. The openings are in Districts 1, 3, 5 and 7.

Seats of current board members Alman Nicodemus, District 7, Donna Reishus, District 5, and Donna Deakins, District 1, will be filled, along with John Ponikvar’s District 3. Ponikvar resigned in June because he moved from the district.

“The current board is a great group of people and there are some big shoes to fill,” said Superintendent Duane Wrightson.

The deadline to turn in the application to become a school board member was Aug. 27.

Applicants in Districts 3 and 5 will run uncontested. Steve Hafey in District 3 and Gerald Megas in District 5 are set to become the newest school board members.

The contest in District 1 is between Rex Splitt and Phil Hastings while the race in District 7 will have John Kincaid running against Pat Mosbey.

The school board provides local resident control over public education and represents all the citizens of the school district. The Colorado Constitution gives the state responsibility for providing a “thorough and uniform system of free public schools.” As elected public officials, school board members link the school system and the public.

According to current board President Alman Nicodemus, the board has played an active role in recruiting candidates for the open positions. Telephone calls were made to residents who the board thought would be interested in running.

Volunteering for the school board may be viewed as providing one of the more important services to the community. Board members have to recognize that the school district is one of the largest businesses in town. The board is responsible for making sure the business is well managed.

Other members of the current board are John Wellman, District 2; Gary Ellgen, District 4; and Chuck Malley, District 6.