School board approves TABOR resolution |

School board approves TABOR resolution

Lee Harstad

Whether the Moffat County School District will be authorized to use excess funds under the Taxpayers Bill of Rights (TABOR) Amendment will be one of the issues on the election ballot on Nov. 2.

The TABOR Amendment is part of the Colorado Constitution that sets limits on the amount of revenue the government can collect each year. When that amount of revenue is exceeded, the amendment requires the government to ask voters if it can keep the excess money.

The Moffat County School District received a $90,000 rural school support grant. The school district cannot accept the grant because the total will go beyond the maximum revenue allotted for the district. With the vote on Nov. 2, Moffat County residents will be able to decide whether the district will receive the money or if the money will return to the state.

This vote will not impose any new taxes on residents and if the resolution is not passed, the money will go back to the state. If the proposal is successful, the school district will be able to accept the grant.

The process of allowing a government entity to go beyond the revenue limits is called a “de-Brucing” amendment.

The vote will be a question of whether the district may collect, retain and expend all revenues collected, despite the spending limitation in the state constitution. The actual ballot for the resolution for the TABOR Revenue Change Election, in part, reads, this is “Provided, however, that no local tax rate or property mill levy shall be increased at any time, nor shall, any new tax be imposed without the prior consent of the voters of the Moffat County School District.”

No new taxes or levies will be placed upon residents of Moffat County and the major issue is whether the school district or the state will get the grant.


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