Saying Goodbye to the Saturday paper: times are changing, so is the newspaper |

Saying Goodbye to the Saturday paper: times are changing, so is the newspaper

Then and Now

As some things have changed, others have stayed the same. Here’s are some comparisons of our country, entertainment and Craig in December of 1989 to July 2017.


The US President was Republican George H. W. Bush.


The US President is another Republican, Donald Trump.


People in were listening to “Another Day In Paradise” by Phil Collins.


The biggest pop song of the 2017, so far, is Ed Sheeran’s “Shape Of You.”


Total assessed property value for Moffat County was reported as $315 million.


The 2016 total taxable assessed value for Moffat County was over $409 million.


The Moffat County School District Budget for 1990 was projected to have revenues just under $10 million.


The 2017-18 school district budget revenues are projected to top $21 million.


A new Ski-Doo Tundra from Willems Implement Company would have cost $2,250.


The 2018 Ski-Doo Tundra at Craig Power Sports is advertised on their website on July 28, 2017 for $8,149.

As we say goodbye to the Saturday Morning Press, we take a moment to reflect on what life was like when we first started printing the Saturday paper on Dec. 30, 1989.

Introduced as a “new way to look at the region,” the Saturday Northwest later became the Saturday Morning Press. The first edition served the communities of Craig, Steamboat Springs, Hayden, Oak Creek, Meeker, Maybell and the Little Snake River Valley.

One of the goals of the paper was to bring readers “longer, more in-depth articles, and not just about one city of county in Northwest Colorado, but the entire region,” wrote Phil Castle in his introduction of the new paper.

More in-depth coverage on Saturdays is a tradition we have continued to our last issue. And going forward, we expect our larger papers to allow us to continue to provide in-depth cover stories of regional importance.

And some things remain the same.

“New year brings in taxes. Northwest Colorado resident can expect higher mills, but lower bill,” were the headlines of the front-page story written by Castle.

The story reported that property values were down as was state funding for public schools and described how community leaders of the time were grappling with difficult economic decisions.

In business and advertising, the largest ads featured sales at JC Penny, Sathers, Anthonies and Wallies, all businesses located at the Centennial Mall. Victory Motors and Craig Ford Mercury Auto dealerships of Craig wished the community Happy New Year.

The TV Guide filled pages 5 to 11. Vanna White was staring as Venus in a made for TV movie, “The Goddess of Love.” The Colorado Buffalos were set to play Norte Dame in the Orange Bowl, a game they would ultimately loose. William Shatner’s show “Rescue 911” was CBS’s show to watch on Wednesday.

As we say goodbye, we recognize that changes are difficult. We are excited that free newspapers on Wednesday and Friday will allow anyone who wants to read the paper to do so. Our team continues our commitment to deliver local news, feature stories, sports, entertainment, education and health information to your smart phone, tablet or computer everyday.

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