Save my spot: Moffat County Class of 2020 shows spirit through personalized parking spaces |

Save my spot: Moffat County Class of 2020 shows spirit through personalized parking spaces

Moffat County High School senior Sara Beason is joined by younger brother Noah after completing her personalized parking space.
Andy Bockelman

Whether it’s a big splash of every conceivable color, the darkness of the Batman logo or a favorite cartoon character in a new light, Moffat County High School seniors will see something unique to them as they pull their car into the parking lot this school year.

Members of the MCHS Class of 2020 spent Labor Day weekend personalizing parking spaces that they will have reserved in the student lot.

A personalized parking space celebrates the Moffat County High School Class of 2020.
Andy Bockelman

Students paid $10 apiece to reserve the spaces for the year, which will stand during school hours, though visitors to the school can park in those spaces after regular hours and weekends.

Moffat County High School senior Eliana Mack applies peach-colored clouds to a blue sky in her personalized parking space.
Andy Bockelman

MCHS Counselor Paula Duzik said she pitched the project to Principal Sarah Hepworth as a way to enhance excitement among seniors, though it will be up to students to keep their spaces looking good if weather starts affecting them.

“I guess we’ll have to see how much they wear in the winter,” Duzik said. “They look great now.”

Moffat County High School senior Hayden Short’s personalized parking space celebrates his role as vice president.
Andy Bockelman

Some seniors kept it simple with their initials and class year, and many stuck to school colors of blue and white.

Others utilized much more of the color palette.

A variety of personalized parking spaces at Moffat County High School.
Andy Bockelman

Faith Morgan painted a fragile dandelion with spores wafting against a coral backdrop in honor of a friend from her old school who recently passed away.

Though her car will be covering the artwork much of the school day, she hopes people will be uplifted by the scene.

“I hope they like it, hope they think it’s cool,” she said.

Moffat County High School’s Faith Morgan and Jenna Timmer are joined by teacher Nathalie Boelen’s daughter EllaClaire while painting their senior parking spaces.
Andy Bockelman

Right next to Morgan’s space, Jenna Timmer put her name beneath a large anchor.

“I was thinking of doing a turtle or a sunflower, but then I just painted that,” she said. “It was something no one else did.”

A parking space honors Colorado and agriculture heritage.
Andy Bockelman

Sara Beason put two yellow fruits with a blue background, with the axiom, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.”

“I had some different ideas, but I went with this one since it’s a quote I like,” she said.

Moffat County High School senior MaKala Herndon’s college plans are part of her personalized parking space.
Andy Bockelman

The Colorado flag, college aspirations and a “Friends”-inspired style with the words “The one where we graduate” were also among the selections.

The opening credits of “Friends” serves as inspiration for a senior parking space.
Andy Bockelman

For Ashley Baysinger, her space signifies the transition that will come with her commencement this spring, including a buzzing insect that says, “Ready to bee done.”

“I’m getting ready for school to be over and move on to college, so it’ll be like a reminder every day,” she said.

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