Savannah Wolfson: I will end the war on rural Colorado

Savannah Wolfson
Guest commentary
Oak Creek's Savannah Wolfson won the Republican Primary for State House District 26 on Tuesday. She will go on to face Democrat Meghan Lukens in the General Election in November.
Savannah Wolfson/Courtesy photo

I’m Savannah Wolfson and I’m running for House District 26. 

I’m a homeschool mom in Oak Creek. I own dairy goats, I’m a problem-solver, and I’m a very proud third-generation military spouse. My family has roots in service to their community, and that’s why I’m running on the Republican ticket to represent everyone in House District 26. I believe we are ready for a public servant who wants a crackdown on crime, more affordability, and an end to the war on rural Colorado.

Northwest Colorado is continually trampled by the Interstate 25 corridor. We’re treated as if our lives and jobs don’t matter. Our energy jobs are being stolen by a fairy-tale policy, with no realistic plan for how we will keep our lights on or fund our rural schools. Our ranchers, instead of being thanked for providing local food, were given a meat boycott by our governor and wolves from Boulder voters.

Unfortunately, the state leadership has not only disregarded us; they are openly hostile. We must elect someone who has already stood up against wolf “reintroduction,” participated in local agriculture, and been a vocal supporter of local energy. I am the only candidate who met all these qualifications long before the election.

In addition to ending the war on rural Colorado, I also am the only candidate in the race who has taken a public pledge to uphold our Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights, and not raise taxes or fees. Our state has become unbelievably unaffordable. There are high burdens on small businesses. Regulation has made childcare and housing difficult. I even spoke with a rancher who cannot afford diesel and will not be cutting hay. It sent a chill down my spine.

Finally, our state (and some local) leadership has gone totally soft on violent crime. One close friend of mine went through domestic violence, and her abuser violated his restraining order 84 times. A year ago, another violent abuser was let out in Oak Creek on a PR bond. Our leaders were afraid this criminal would catch COVID, and had no consideration for his previous victims. He murdered my neighbor’s son and injured another young woman. He was stopped by a legal gun owner. For such a beautiful, prosperous corner of the world, this is shocking. We obviously need a representative who prioritizes peace, justice, victims, and your right to self-defense. 

House District 26 is a new district, formed by redistricting. In Moffat County, your current representative is Perry Will. Sadly, he can no longer run to represent Moffat, as he has a new district as well (57). There is no incumbent in this race, and it is a swing district. After redistricting, we can gain some significant ground at the state level. Turnout in Moffat County will be crucial, though. Please do not leave your ballots sitting on the kitchen counter.

I humbly ask for your vote so we can solve problems together. Even before I decided to run, my neighbors called me their voice. No matter the outcome of this election, I will continue on in the same way, advocating for a crackdown on crime, more affordability, and an end to the war on rural Colorado. Vote for Savannah Wolfson for House District 26 if you want to see these messages go to the Colorado House. 

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