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Sasha Nelson: Hats off

Sasha Nelson
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My granddad had a well-worn black cowboy hat he wore with a big buckle and boots on special occasions. Most days he wore a beat-up ball cap representing his place of work.

Over the long years of his life, he wore many hats, some metaphorical. He was typical of most people in our community who work long hours taking one hat off for the day, sometimes putting on another on to go back out to work another job, attend a meeting or visit a friend.

On Sunday, I’ll take my journalist’s hat off and leave the Craig Press. I started full-time work here 2 ½ years ago as a reporter. I’ll leave having been the assistant editor. It’s work, and a team I have loved and will miss.

But, I’m not saying goodbye. I’m taking one hat off and putting on another.

I’m thrilled that on April 22, l will become the Director of Community Education for Craig, Rangely, Meeker, Oak Creek — all of CNCC’s service area.

And so, my service to the community is changing, not ending.

Each community in Northwest Colorado is dear to my heart. It’s clear our communities are counting on the college to increase its role in economic development, workforce training, and lifelong learning. Helping with this work will be an honor, a privilege and a responsibility that I won’t take for granted.

I’m grateful that this change provides an opportunity to continue to live and work where I was born and raised.

I hope you’ll see my byline appear in these pages again from time to time. And I hope, dear reader, you will support me in my new role.

It has been a privilege to tell your stories. From mine silos that refused to fall the first time, to people with grit and gumption battling and winning against the odds. There were people fighting for their lives and those having the time of theirs. Your stories have inspired me and moved me. Thank you for your trust in turning to me for your news and letting me tell others about what it means to be from Moffat County.

I’m deeply grateful. My hat’s off to you!


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